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Splash Goggles

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Adjustable Protective Goggle, Full View Glasses, Protection Against Chemical Splash, Droplet and Dust - High Definition Safety Protective Glasses

$22.99/ 1pack

【Quality Materials】High-quality panoramic spectacles are made with quality materials to protect against chemical splashes, droplets and dust.

【Fit Over Glasses】The large goggles are designed to fit over glasses for users who have to wear glasses. These goggles are also effective in blocking blue and ultraviolet light.

【Multi-Layer Coatings】The glasses are designed with multi-layer coatings, which are waterproof, shockproof, wear-resistant, explosion-proof and are fully made to protect our users.

【Comfortable】Safety goggles have a comfortable nose bridge and adjustable head straps. The elastic band ensures that the goggles will not fall off your face and the contour nose bridge will make sure that the goggles are most comfortable around the nose and eyes.

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