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ForeHead Thermometer

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·Earth Leakage Protection


No Contact Forehead Thermometer, Medical Infrared Thermometer for Baby Kids and Adults

$39.99/ 1unit

【No Contact Read】The thermometer is a clinical forehead thermometer that measures body temperature without skin contact which can avoid the chance of cross contamination. Based on temperature the thermometer will indicate the following: Below 37.4°C (Green Light), 37.4°C -38°C (Red Light), Above 38°C (alarm will sound 8 times).

【High Accuracy Temperature Reading】Our unit has very high accuracy temperature readings with a deviation of only  ≤±0.3°C. It only takes less than 1 second to read temperature and has 32 readings memory recall for tracking your temperature changes. Also equipped with auto shut off after 30 seconds of idle.

【No Cross Contamination】With our no contact thermometer, we eliminate the variable on cross contamination as there is no physical touch used. To achieve this, we use a highly accurate infrared reader that takes the temperature of the aligned forehead and reads it in less than 1 second from the touch. This quick read also minimizes the time you can get contaminated.

【Simple Operations】The thermometer does all the work so you do not have to. It is a 1 button operation as we have designed the most simple and effective thermometer for all to use.

【Multi-Function】Not only does this thermometer work with humans but this thermometer will work with anything. You can take a temperature reading of a cup of coffee, your pet, or of anything else you can think of. This thermometer is able to take temperature readings from anything.

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