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Triple-Layer Medical Masks

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Seed Triple-Layer Medical Masks is a loose -fitting, disposable device that creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the immediate environment.

$35.99/ 50pieces

【3 Layer Protection】Seed Triple-Layer Medical masks are made with 3 layers of protection. The outer layer is a non-woven fabric that is effective in blocking against droplets. The next layer is a melt-blown layer which is effective in filtering non-oil particles from the air. The last layer is a spun-bound fabric which absorbs hot air from breathing to leave the area around your mouth dry and comfortable.

【Protection】We have created masks that are made to protect us against droplets especially in the air. Although these masks do not filter out everything we breathe in, it does block major droplet particles. It’s also effective in keeping out dust from breathing.

【Comfortable】Seed Triple-Layer Medical masks are also made with comfortability in mind. We understand that no one is willing to wear an uncomfortable mask for extended periods of time. Our masks have ear loops that fit perfectly around your ears as well as help absorb the moisture around your mouth when breathing with the mask.

【Moveable】The mask does not hinder any movement with your neck or head. With the ear loops, the mask will stay on your face regardless of what activity or exercises you are doing. Move easy and stay well.

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