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Clear Polycarb Safety Glasses

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Ultra-spec Clear Polycarbonate Standard Safety Glasses for Protection Against Droplets, Chemicals, and Dust

$24.99/ 1unit

【Quality Materials】Our safety glasses are made with polycarbonate which is the material used in safety against droplets, chemicals and dust. These glasses are also impact proof and can be used when sawing wood or other grinding machinery.

【Side Vent】These glasses do have side vents that allow for better airflow in the glasses to prevent fogging from body heat or elevated temperatures in the summer. The side vent is also angled to keep particles from entering the eye region.

【Comfortable】Safety goggles have a comfortable nose bridge and a contoured ear piece for better fit all around. For wood workers and other professions, we designed these glasses to be good all day glasses to better suit these needs.

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